Home Education Cool product lets residents earn twelfth grade diplomas at Richmond Public Library

Cool product lets residents earn twelfth grade diplomas at Richmond Public Library

Richmond Public Library is offering qualified local residents an opportunity to earn their accredited senior high school diplomas online while receiving guidance toward their occupation included in a new service.

The public library announced Monday it’ll award scholarships for eligible residents wishing to earn their school diploma and advance their career with Career Online High School, an application taken to public libraries by Gale, a component of Cengage Learning.

Once enrolled at Career Online High school graduation, students are combined with an academic coach who’ll help them to build a career plan, connect these phones hidden course material and guide their progress.

Students shall learn coursework with the aid of board-certified instructors, staff within the the library’s Literacy for any Adult Program (LEAP) and community volunteers.

“Students have 24/7 access to the online learning platform and might complete coursework both at home and with the LEAP computer lab,” library officials said, adding, “Coursework begins in a single of eight high-growth, high-demand career fields (across an extensive spectrum from child care and education to certified transportation), before progressing into the core academic subjects.”

The library’s statement added, “A lot of students can easily graduate in less than Four to six months by transferring in previously earned twelfth grade credits.”

Katy Curl, director of Library and Cultural Services Department, called earning an excellent school diploma a “life-changing achievement.”

One of four years old adults in Richmond currently lack an increased school degree or equivalent, city officials said.

“By offering Career Online High School, we’re empowering our residents to look for new opportunities and transform their lives,” Curl said.

Residents can find out more about Career Online High School within the Richmond Public Library or by visiting the library’s Webpage www.Richmondlibrary.org. Interested agencies that might plan to partner together with the Richmond Public Library and obtain scholarships for eligible adults can contact the Literacy Division.

For more details or questions, contact Sherry Drobner, Literacy Program Manager within the Richmond Public Library, at 510-307-8082.