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Video: Richard Whitmire talks with Education Next
Podcast: Audio excerpt from Richard Whitmire’s “Why Boys Fail”

Debates about gender and schooling have an unusual submit the past decade. After many years of concern that ladies happen to be shortchanged in male-dominated schools, especially science and math, there’s grown a rising chorus of voices fretting about whether boys are in peril. With young ladies getting back together around 60 % of school students, critics like Richard Whitmire, former USA Today editorial writer and author of Why Boys Fail, worry that today’s schools-with their focus on order, doing nothing, and passive learning-are a lot better best for girls as opposed to boys. Other authorities, for example Susan McGee Bailey, executive director on the Wellesley Centers for girls at Wellesley College and principal author within the 1992 AAUW report How Schools Shortchange Girls, reject such concerns and instead contend that ingrained sexism and gender roles continue to hamper K