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How you can Earn Public Support for Charter Schools

The education world is constantly digest the headline finding from the 2017 EdNext Poll: a dozen-percentage-point one-year decline in support for charter schools, concentrating on the same drops among Republicans and Democrats. Those supporting the roll-out of charter schools still outnumber opponents by a 39%-36% margin, though the gap has narrowed dramatically.

For charter supporters, there have been ample ammunition for defense and explanation. Perhaps most vital, a?Gallup survey, released when the EdNext Poll, discovered that Americans continue to keep perceive charter schools as providing a more rewarding education for students than traditional public schools. Others attribute erosion in support to well-organized anti-charter PR campaigns so they can the association of faculty choice with an unpopular president (though the EdNext Poll finds no evidence the decline reflected a “Trump effect”).

The a bigger factor real how proponents of charter schools can expand the country’s support for the children. To be a leader who co-founded a high-performing charter school network and charter support organization, and who now leads Chiefs for Change, a corporation of state and district leaders dedicated to educational excellence, I’m an ardent charter supporter