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Poor Schools or Poor Kids?

Since the run-up for the 2008 election, the Democratic Party continues to be the place to find two prominent and very different reform wings. One, spearheaded from the group Democrats for Education Reform and notable school-district chiefs like New York’s Joel Klein and Washington, D.C.’s Michelle Rhee, would be the Education Equality Project (EEP). Additional, A Broader, Bolder Strategy to Education (BBA), is really a coalition of education scholars and Democratic thinkers, including Duke University’s Helen Ladd, former president of Columbia University’s Teachers College Arthur Levine, and New York University professor Pedro Noguera.

The Education Equality Project champions accountability, pay reform, and college choice, although Broader, Bolder coalition insists we will need to care for heath care treatment, preschool, and parenting skills if students are going to flourish in school. The Federal government must negotiate this split in pursuing education reform; indeed, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan was the one individual to supply being a founding individual in both groups.

In this forum, president of Democrats for Education Reform Joe Williams speaks for your Education Equality Project and Pedro Noguera supplies the Broader, Bolder perspective on improving K